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NEERAJ Epilepsy Center
306 Haridwar Road, Rishikesh ( HARIDWAR )  UTTARAKHAND,  INDIA.


Treated Patients

Mr. Kirpa Pandey
Address: Barkalauhar Bhojpur (Bihar)

Experience: I was 14 years old, studying in standard ninth when I had my first seizure. It happened after I hit my head and fell down. When I have a seizure I may fold my hands, spin my head and have a glazed look, which lasts for few seconds. After this everything is normal. With this disease it was very difficult to concentrate on my studies. My daily medicines were very costly and have side effects. Then my family took me to Neeraj Clinic and now I am completely fine.

Medicine stopped from last 12 years.

Address:  Andheri  Mumbai (MH.)

Experience: It was an unforgettable night for us when The word 'epilepsy' was introduced to us when my son Kamal was suffering from it. We went to Neeraj Clinic in the starting only and after four years of treatment epilepsy was vanished. And now Kamal is leading a normal life.

Medicine stopped from last 17 years.

Ms. Reena

Experience: My family was shattered to know when I became an epileptic patient because we had never thought that someone in our family would ever suffer from Epilepsy. Also, there was no such medical history in our family in either side of our close ancestors, after prolong treatments from various hospital there was no positive sign then we came to Neeraj Clinic and after four years of course I am completely fine.

Medicine stopped from last 18 years.

Address:Pataudi Distt.Gurgaon (HRY)

Experience: The attacks that took control over my life have been rough, tough and full of rejection and depression. I failed to know what I was exactly heading for. I suffered from loss of memory. But with being in touch with Neeraj Clinic doctors my illness is taken care of and now from last 5 years I don't get any fits.

Medicine stopped from last 16 years.

Mr.  Mahendra Singh
Address: Daulat Pur,  MATHURA (UP)

Experience: I was suffering from epilepsy from last 10 years. What bothered me the most was the urination and the tongue bites that I had with almost every seizure. But after I started medicine from Neeraj Clinic I am totally fit, and I have sent so many patients to the clinic who are also fit now. 

Medicine stopped from last 17 years.


Ms. Swati
Address: Markhola P. Garhwal, UK

Experience: I was suffering with epilepsy since I was 2 years old. I am thankful to Neeraj Clinic doctors. It has changed my entire life. The seizures have now disappeared completely. My health has improved 100%.

Medicine stopped from last 15 years.

Ms. Meenakshi
Address- PO-Bantalab Distt-Jammu (J&K)

Experience: As a child I always considered myself "sick or not normal". Along with the usual childhood problems of coughs and colds I also feel unconsciousness and missed school whenever this happened. My seizures are now very well controlled and I didn't had any fit from last 4 years. All thanks to Neeraj Clinic.

Medicine stopped from last 18 years.

Ms. Himri Devi
Address-  Manali DISTT. KULU (HP)

Experience: A patient getting 100 fits in a month you can imagine how tough life have been lying on bed all the time but my life changed after my treatment  in Neeraj Clinic I am completely cured and I am living a happy life.

Medicine stopped from last 19 years.

Mr. Karamjeet Sharma
Address: Malaha, Distt-KURUSHETRA (HRY)

Experience: Professional expertise at Neeraj Clinic brought relief and changed my life thank you my fits have stopped completely now.

Medicine stopped from last 16 years.

Mr. Rizwan Massodi

Address: Nimach, Distt- Nimach (M.P.) 

Experience: I was always horrified because I didn’t know when will my fit occur but now with the help of Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic I got my confidence back as I am free from fits now .

Medicine stopped from last 15 years.

Ms. Nasreen
Address: Hapur,Gaziabad  (U.P.)              
Experience: After getting treatment from best in the field I was helpless and was thinking to finish my life but then went to Neeraj Clinic and now I am seizure free.

Medicine stopped from last1 7 years.

Mr. Keshav
Address:  Faridabad (Hry.)                

Experience: I am the happiest person in the world now! Since five years I haven’t had an epileptic attack! This was possible because of the Neeraj Clinic doctors only. I used to have many attacks in  a month. Now my family, my friends and I are living a very happy life.

Medicine stopped from last 14 years.


Address: Pashim Vihar New Delhi

Experience: I was always depressed that what will be my future with epilepsy but Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic changed my life now I am free from epilepsy.  

Medicine stopped from last 17 years.

Mr.Pratiroop Swain

Experience: I have been extremely lucky to have their constant guidance and advices and treating my epilepsy from root.   

Medicine stopped from last 13 years.

Ms. Mithu
Address:Chandrawati, Distt-INDORE (MP)

Experience: I was getting 15 seizures a day I am living my life normal now, with regular follow ups and Neeraj Clinic doctors help, Fortunately since July 2001 my seizures have stopped completely. 

Medicine stopped from last 14 years.


Mr. Jitendra Kumar
Address: Jawra Distt-RATLAM (MP)

Experience: Treatment of Neeraj Clinic and the medicines administrated by the clinic have shown wonderful results. I am completely cured.

Medicine stopped from last 18 years.


Ms. Devendra Kumar
Address:  Nawada (BIHAR)

Experience: I have gained confidence and satisfaction after my treatment from Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic.

Medicine stopped from last 17 years.


Ms. Nisha
Address: Near College, Ludhiana (Pb.)               
Experience: I was depress all the time my family life was finished due to constant fear of getting a fit but after treatment in Neeraj Clinic I am perfectly fine. 

Medicine stopped from last 10 years.

Mr. Kalu Ram
Address: Palcchan,Chittorgarh(RAJ.)

Experience: I am very grateful to Neeraj Clinic doctors I am free of epilepsy after your treatment.

Medicine stopped from last 16 years.

Mr. Avtar Singh
Address:  Distt-Nawa Shahar (Pb.)             
Experience: Sometimes we patient get lenient of our medicines but constant follow ups and reminders from this best system of Neeraj Clinic I got much relief and living my seizure free life.

Medicine stopped from last 19 years.



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