Finding the right Medication

Best Epilepsy Ayurvedic Treatment In India

Before we start, let us dig a little deep into the basic question about the best form of Epilepsy treatment. Ayurvedic Medicines or Allopathic Medicine or a combination of both, what should you follow?
The Ayurvedic Medicine has almost zero side effects, is effective for long-term, and also benefits other organs including the brain.
Whereas Allopathic Medicine gives Instant results, but have to take long-term to have constant results and has side effects too.
We at Neeraj Clinic mainly focus on the Ayurvedic medication along with a little bit of Allopathic medicine for Epilepsy Treatment.
When the patient comes to us at Neeraj Epilepsy Centre for Epilepsy treatment, he/she is mostly found taking the heavy dosage of Allopathic medicines, which has already started taking its toll on his mind and body.
But, when we start the Ayurvedic medicine, we first give her/him allopathic medicine along with Ayurvedic medicine, which we, later on, taper off slowly, seeing the progress.

Which epilepsy medication is best for you depends on many factors, including

The seizure comes every 12 days. The major sign of this kind of epilepsy are convulsions with repeated seizures. It also includes –

  • The type of epilepsy
  • Other drugs the patient is taking
  • Other illness patients have along with epilepsy

At Neeraj Clinic, we have a combination of both Ayurvedic and Allopathy.
Come to Neeraj Clinic and we assure you a seizure-free life.

Now coming to the point of Choosing the best Epilepsy treatment- Ayurvedic or Allopathy?

There are many types of epilepsy & there are at least 20 different drugs available to prevent seizures. Some have been around for decades.
At Neeraj Epilepsy Centre, we help you to choose the right medication for the treatment according to your condition.

Determining the best form of Epilepsy Treatment

The doctor may also consider the patient’s risk of Osteoporosis before prescribing an epilepsy drug for Epilepsy treatment.
There are different forms of Epilepsy, and each may cause a different type of seizure. It’s very important that your doctor determines what type of epilepsy you are suffering from.
At Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic we have Expert Doctors for this first critical phase. Not all medications work on all types of seizures. And, sometimes, an incorrect Epilepsy medication can make seizures worse.
To help determine which medication you should try first, Neeraj Epilepsy Centre will carefully review your medical history and lifestyle.
It’s important to remember that epilepsy treatment is tailored according to the individual. What works for you may not work for someone else? And some people may need to take more than one kind of medication.

The cost factor of these medications

At last, coming to the cost factor of these medications. We have seen that cost may be a deciding factor when it comes to which epilepsy medication you should choose. Older epilepsy drugs are often much less expensive than newer ones. Some brands are available at a cheaper cost and in a generic form. We at Neeraj Clinic help you choose the best Epilepsy treatment and medications in India.