Epilepsy Drugs for Children

Best Epilepsy Treatment For Children

Our Doctors advise that Children must be kept away from Allopathic Medicine as they leave strong side effects on their bodies. At Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic, we have Children Epilepsy Specialist. There is a wide number of drugs available for Epilepsy treatment for Children. In Epilepsy treatment for Children, the old traditional Ayurvedic medicine helps the patient to get rid of the illness. And also the chances of reoccurrence is very less when the Epilepsy treatment course is completed. Instead, in our last 47 years of experience, many children whom we treated are leading a seizure free medicine-free life. There is a wide number of drugs available for treating epilepsy in children. In fact, nine new medications have become available in the last decade to avoid convulsions in Epilepsy and to decrease Epilepsy seizure.
Here we will discuss some main points that we should keep in mind at the time of treatment of epilepsy in Children.

Be honest with the doctor at the time of Epilepsy treatment for Children

You may feel embarrassed to admit to your child’s doctor that you’ve missed some doses. But even the most organized people forget sometimes.
It’s crucial that you honestly tell your child’s doctor how often your child has really taken the epilepsy medicine. If your child takes medicine only half the scheduled times, the doctor may think the drug isn’t working and raise the dosage.

Amount of drug your child should take at the time of Epilepsy Treatment

There isn’t a strict rule about this, and it varies with each child. Usually, doctors will try different epilepsy drugs and different doses to determine the best one for your child.
Your child should take just enough medicine to prevent seizures without causing side effects. You and your child’s doctor may need to tinker with the prescription over a few months to find the right dose. It’s worth the effort. Too much medication increases the side effects, while too little leaves your child vulnerable to seizures.
Also, as your child grows, the doctor may adjust the dose of medication (blood levels sometimes help with this decision).

Tips for taking Epilepsy drugs at the time of Epilepsy Treatment for Children

For a child with epilepsy, sticking to a medication schedule can be tough. It can be hard for a child to remember to take medicine twice or even three times a day.
Here are some practical steps you can take to make it easier on your child:

  • First, keep all medicines, especially seizure medicines, away from young children. An overdose of these medicines can be dangerous in Epilepsy treatment for Children.
  • Buy a pillbox for your child with spaces for each dose. You might also want to use alarms – maybe on a wristwatch, cell phone, or computer – to remind your child to take his or her medication in the phase of Epilepsy treatment for Children.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher or the school nurse about how epilepsy drugs should be given at school. However, if possible, try to avoid giving medications at school at the phase of Epilepsy treatment for Children.

Set a sensible schedule during the phase of Epilepsy treatment for Children

Sometimes parents continue the medication schedule that their child had in the hospital. This could involve waking up your child in the night to give medicine. Night time medicine may not be necessary at the time of Epilepsy treatment for Children. Talk to your doctor about how to set the simplest and most sensible schedule.
Other important instructions to be followed at the time of Epilepsy treatment for Children are :

  • Don’t run low on your medicine At the time of Epilepsy treatment For Children get in the habit of requesting drug refills several days before you run out of epilepsy medicine.
  • Know what to do when your child misses a dose. Children inevitably miss a dose once in a while. Make sure you know what to do when it happens.
  • Remember, never double up a dose unless your doctor tells you to do so.
  • Involve your child in the process. As the parent, you must make sure your child takes the epilepsy medicine. But it’s a good idea to encourage your child to take some responsibility, too.

Children with epilepsy will need to know how to follow their medication schedule on their own as they grow older.
Remember most importantly, a person with Epilepsy should never stop taking medicine, without a doctor’s consent. Stopping medication may lead to more and even stronger seizures.
As directed by doctors at the time of epilepsy treatment of a child, parents should be more conscious about the regularity of Medicines.