Best Epilepsy Neurologist in India

We are a group of best Epilepsy Neurologists in India known to treat the Epileptic patients by giving combination therapy with an amazing success rate of 85%. We at Neeraj Clinic have treated more than thousands of patients from all over the world.
By God’s grace and the blessings of all medical fraternity, the patients from all over the world are fully cured by this unique formula of:

Case History of patients + Combination Therapy + Proper Medical Counselling + Follow-ups

When we began with Epilepsy Treatment, patients from different regions and countries came to us who were kept on high doses of medicines.
However, during the treatment, the patients stopped taking the previous medicines and were just cured by the basic Epilepsy medicines.

Introduction of the best Epilepsy Neurologist in Neeraj Clinic

Dr. Y.N. Malhotra, specialized in Ayurvedic Epileptic seizure treatment, is a renowned Epilepsy Specialist. He is an Ayurvedacharya and has treated over more than fifty thousand (50k +) patients till date with an unmatched 85% recovery results.
Dr. P.P. Garg is an Epileptic seizure expert. A bachelor of Medicine and a bachelor of surgery who is known to treat Epileptic patients with ease. He is one of the best-consulting Doctors at Neeraj Epilepsy Centre. Dr. Garg is a Retd. C.M.O (Chief Medical Officer), from KGMC- Lucknow.
Dr. Taruna Chaudhary is one of the Best Epilepsy Neurologist in India. She is a bachelor of Medicine & Surgery with specialization in Neurology.
Dr. Neha Specialized in Ayurvedic Epileptic seizure treatment, is a renowned Epilepsy Specialist.

The treatment approach of the best Epilepsy Clinic in India .

We at Neeraj Clinic strongly believe that Combination Therapy with the right procedure creates magic. There is a tendency for prescribing newer drugs marginalizing the traditional older ones. This is because of their low marketing profile and their cheaper tag, making them less popular among today's prescribes.
However, these medicines are still found to make that difference if consumed in the proper amount and regular intervals.
With 47 years of experience in treating Epilepsy, Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic has the league of the best Epilepsy Neurologists in India. We are serving since 1980 after we were able to acquire a handful of data on Ayurvedic Epilepsy Treatment.
Our Epilepsy treatment does not have any kind of side effects, and our Epileptic seizure treatment is suitable for all age groups.
Till now we have successfully treated more than 1,58000 patients across India
At Neeraj Epilepsy Centre we have been treating people from across the globe. We are specialized in Ayurvedic Epilepsy treatment and Nature therapy to treat the Epileptic seizure with the best Epilepsy Neurologists in India.